Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I heart post

I heart post is going to be my blog about my stamp collection. But my intentions are for it to be a blog about stamps. Not a blog about stamp collecting. Although the two concepts are of course related. This blog is going to be about so much more than just stamps.

I am not really interested in collecting in the sense of having a complete catalogue of every Australian stamp issued since the introduction of the metric system up until the present (for instance). Blah. Totally boring. Who can be that particular that they must have EVERY stamp? And who wants to bother with the ugly ones? And there are some completely hideous stamps out there. Stamps of footballers (bleaugh!) are my least favourite. Followed closely by stamps of cutesy cartoon characters and boring red roses (puke). I, for one, am not interested in ugly stamps.

Beautiful stamps!
So my own stamp collection is all about beautiful stamps. Beautiful images. Beautiful design. And interesting history. The history is the clincher - I love that stamps are so often commemorative. And therefore this blog is not just going to be about stamps: it will be about design, art and history. All these big fascinating things are rolled up into the small, humble postage stamp! Who knew?

Probably everyone had a stamp collection when they were five. I did. But I am guessing not everyone had a stamp collection when they were 23. I did. (And, yep, I was also the Secretary of the Dead Languages Society at University. Who knows why I didn't have a boyfriend for all those years?)

I even like stamps featuring Lizzy!
Anyhow, I still maintain that stamps are absolutely awesome. And I am hoping, dear reader, that after a few entries* you will also be convinced of their said awesomeness.
But why "I heart post" and not "I heart stamps"? Three reasons:

  2. I heart all sorts of stamp related paraphernalia. I heart postcards. I heart letters. I even heart aerograms, although I think I may have only received one in my entire life (it was from my Grandma Nellie).
  3. My gorgeous 8 year old cousin Madeleine loves post (Madeleine, by-the-by, is still at an age where it is socially acceptable to have a stamp collection; let's face it, she, and recently retired semi-professional Grandpa's are probably the primary demographic for Australia Post's philatelic department - let's try and buck that stereotype). After visiting Madeleine recently, upon saying goodbye, she asked "Cousin Helen, could you please send me some post please. I love post".

Well Maddy, I love post too.

*please come back for more of my ramblings.


  1. just lovely H, a very exciting project. looking forward to reading more. spectacular pics also.

  2. Yay for making me feel less nerdy! What could possibly outnerd a dead language buff, history geek archaeologist (me)? Try all the above, plus stamp collecting!
    You are doing important humanitarian work Ms Kiddell

    1. Well, you know - I do my best Michael! :) Geek is chic, right?

  3. I heart post too Helen. I heart the thrill of opening the mail box and finding something addressed to me in there. I heart the feel and smell of the paper. It's much more romantic than an email, even if it is a bill :(. If you inbox me your address, I'll send you a postcard from the motherland.

    Madeleine sounds cool.


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