Monday, 22 April 2013

Royal Kitsch Birthday Giveaway Results

Good evening lovely blog-readers.

Just a quick update regarding my recent giveaway. I just used to work out the winner...


(drumroll please)


Thank you to the five wonderful people who entered the competition. I so appreciate your readership and comments!

I will be posting out to Laura the little "Royal Kitsch" pack I have put together, containing five envelopes, some royal stamps for fun crafting and the Prince Charlie and Lady Di stamp set.  I hope you enjoy them Laura!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Life Insurance Lighthouses: Sunday Stamps

So Sunday has rolled around once again and it is back to work tomorrow. But before the weekend is completely done, it is time to participate in Sunday Stamps.

The theme this week is lighthouses, and I have the perfect cover to share.

I remembered this cover after I had already posted about lighthouses the last time, and was annoyed I had left it out. Luckily it now comes in handy for today's Sunday Stamps. The cover comes from my Grandpa Jeff's collection. I am not sure why the New Zealand Government Life Insurance Department were issuing stamps, but I do like their work very much.

The stamps are nice, right?

To see what other lighthouse stamps people have found to share this week, click on the Sunday Stamps link below.

Also, I am running a little giveaway at the moment, so please do check it out and enter! Happy Sunday everyone.

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bestest Post Eva!

Yesterday I received one of the best bits of post in the mail ever! From my very gorgeous young cousin Lucas. 

Sending post AND now collecting stamps too. What a champ! Thanks Lucas!

Also just a quick reminder I have a giveaway running at the moment. Check it out and enter away!

I have just joined up Bloglovin, lest I lose track of all my favourite blogs when google gets rid of reader... Feel free to join me and follow along! :)

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Birthday Giveaway Time !

This week marks the beginning of my 33rd year of being. I feel that is something of an occasion, and just for the heck of it, I am going to try something radical and new...
I am going to do a giveaway!!


Happy Birthday to my lovely blog readers.

As a little token of my appreciation for your continued support, I thought I would cook up a little tasty treat. And because it is my birthday, and because I love Royal Kitsch, that is what I have chosen for the theme.

The task is simple - leave a comment to enter (compulsory), and follow along on bloglovin or google friend connect for a bonus entry. And if you are already a follower - then no problemo, leave a comment and you will receive two entries.

The lucky prize winner will receive:
1) Charlie and Lady Di stamp pack (see above).
2) Five hand made envelopes featuring royals taken from vintage books purchased last year (see below).
3) A bundle of QEII stamps - use them as seals on the envelopes, as decorations, turn them into gift tags, make mini royal bunting from them... oh goodness, the options are endless. Just enjoy them!

I am going to draw the winner using, and the competition will be open for 10 days.

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Thanks for playing along. All the best from I heart post headquarters,

xx Helen

UPDATE: The winner has now been announced here: and it is Laura L. ... not because she was the first person to comment, but because that is who chose! Thanks to all for participating!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Soil Science: Sunday Stamps

Hello blogosphere!
I am pretty excited to be linking back in with Viridian's Sunday Stamps this week, where the theme is all about geology, rocks and the environment. I am excited because I get to share this very cool first day cover I found at a market the other week, when I took a day trip out of the city with two of my sisters.

We visited the Mill Markets, a massive vintage/retro-goods market in Daylesford, about an hour out of Melbourne. I was pretty wrapped with this First Day Cover,  the 9th International Congress of Soil Science from 1968.

It is not entirely geological - but definitely related, I would say.  I loved the stamp and the cover instantly, because working with archaeologists makes one rather enamoured with soils, strangely enough.

The type on the cover is red foil embossed, so it is all pretty spiffy, what with the nice type and little rural scene. I had not seen the cover before, so I am pretty happy to add it to my collection. However, I already had the stamp in my collection.

 I do like the "science-y" imagery of the stamp. It has a pair, issued for the World Medical Association Assembly. Not as nice as the soil stamp, but still pretty cool, it features Hippocrates floating above a syringe. I am glad the designer chose to also write the name of the greek head somewhat randomly perched on the syringe, because otherwise I would have been a bit puzzled.

Following on from the above, I thought I would include one last stamp today. I think it fits quite nicely, both visually with the hands, and thematically with the science. It was released eight years after the soil stamp, in 1976. It celebrates 50 years of the CSIRO - the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation - which is Australia's national science agency.

I love the CSIRO stamp. I love the CSIRO. I love the stamp for featuring graph paper and a scale bar. Awesome.