Monday, 14 May 2012

My first ever Turkish Post. Thanks Will!

Just thought I would do a mini-Monday night post to say thank-you to the lovely William, who obviously didn't send out as many postcards as he anticipated on his last trip to Turkey, as he had these absolutely beautiful stamps left over. So he emptied out his wallet the other day at work and gave me them to me!
Woo hoo!

I have never been to Turkey, but it is definitely on my bucket list. I love that the stamp looks like it could almost be an image from a medieval manuscript. As Jen at work commented, it almost looks like a map. It is my only Turkish stamp, and I love it.

The above is a picture of Tunceli I ripped off the internet. I think the stamp is a good representation!

When Will returned from his recent overseas trip he also had a British stamp left over, which is very timely as it depicts the logo for the London Olympics.

You wouldn't believe it of a stamp nerd, but I am a bit slow on the sports up-take.. so I hadn't even seen the logo before (I got told off on the weekend for calling a hockey ball a puck: "that's ice-hockey, Helen." Whoops. Sports are not my thing.)

I didn't realise that the logo was sort of supposed to be an abstract representation of the date, 2012, until I just googled it. I didn't see the date, but I did see the blow job when Will told me that is how the peeps on the street are interpreting it. Who said stamp collecting wasn't risque?

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