Sunday, 23 September 2012

It's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock'n'roll *

Music features this week on Sunday Stamps, so I thought I would go a bit rock'n'roll on you all. In 2006 Australia issued the above stamps that pictured iconic posters from rock gigs. I think the posters make good stamps, as the images are bold, eye-catching and colourful. I am not sure if many of the festivals or bands would necessarily be recognisable to audiences beyond Australia - with the exception of the poster for the Rolling Stones tour.

Midnight Oil are a legendary Australian band - who had some international success, and had a massive hit with the song "Beds are Burning." To remind you all about the song, I have included the video below. It was taken during the 2009 Sound Relief concert - not a gig immortalised in the above stamp release, but an amazing gig that I happened to attend, which was in aid of bush-fire victims.

The little mini-sheet of rock posters belongs on the page of my stamp album with other rock music related stamps (and some bug stamps that kind of fit colour-wise).

The other music stamps on my album page include these ones from 2001 (but I only have five of the eight stamps in the series):

The 2001 issue celebrates legendary songs, and the artists include Kylie Minogue, INXS, silverchair, Yothu Yindi and (puke) Savage Garden. Midnight Oil's song 'Power and the Passion' also features in this series, but  it is one of the stamps I don't yet have.

Australia Post also paid homage to local Rock'n'Roll in a 1998 issue, which featured Johnny O'Keefe, Daddy Cool and, as pictured above, the legendary AC/DC and Skyhooks. And I wanted to finish off with the ACCA DACCA stamp, so I could conclude this post with the very apt declaration:
It's a long way to the top... if you wanna rock'n'roll.
I heart acca-dacca. It's true. People who know me might be surprised by that. But seriously, how can you go past them?

Bagpipes: Tick.
Angus Young in his school uniform: Tick.
AC/DC on the back of truck driving through Melbourne: Tick.
My Sunday was just totally made, with that little dose of AC/DC. Hope you enjoyed it too, Sunday Stampers. :)


* With apologies to Bon Scott for appropriating his legendary rock'n'roll adage to the title of this week's post on a nerdy stamp blog. Sorry about that.


  1. Great sheet of rock poster stamps, those are the kind of stamps that make me want to write letters so that I can use them :).
    the word on the verification was 'rigpost' - perhaps it should have been 'gigpost' :) (oops I must have typed something wrong as I have to do it again)

  2. They make really excellent stamps! Sometimes designers seem to forget how much difference the scaling down can make.

  3. I remember Midnight Oil very much! And of course the legendary AC/DC. I wish the USA postoffice would be more 'risky'.
    thanks for sharing!

  4. What a colourful lot of stamps. Love Jagger's lips!

  5. these posters do look great on a stamp. and I loved Midnight Oil.

  6. Those posters designs make good stamps. You're right, I only recognized the Rolling Stones.

  7. ahh, what an awesome post!! lovely lovely retro stuff! Beds are burning always gets me jumpy...and Savage Garden were not that bad actually :) But tha rocknroll sheet of stamps is just amazing! Green with envy :D

  8. All these stamps are art! They're so nice, and it'S exciting to see each design. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am glad you liked them! Thanks for stopping by my blog, snowangel! :)


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