Sunday, 10 March 2013

Abstract Education: Sunday Stamps

The theme this week for Sunday Stamps is abstract designs. I love this set of Education themed stamps, and have been waiting for just such an excuse to share them.

This set comes from my Grandma Nellie. The packaging above is complete from when they were issued in 1974, in a bright sealed yellow envelope. But my Grandma being a hoarder kept one mint set unopened and also another opened set - so I have the information from inside as well, on this lovely card:
The four stamps only celebrate four aspects of the broad spectrum of the Australian education scene (as the explanatory card says), namely: Pre-School education (5c), Correspondence School (11c), Science Education (15c); and Advanced Education (60c). I am pretty much going to let the stamps speak for themselves this week, so here they are:

They are very bright and colourful, and very abstract representations of the education sector, so I thought they were pretty perfect for this week's Sunday Stamps. To check out other patterned and abstract designed stamps, click on the Sunday Stamps button below and enjoy. Happy Sunday, folks.


  1. The advanced education stamp is especially abstract!! Hurrah for Grandam Nellie.
    Thank you for joining in this week.

  2. I can't believe that stamps once cost 5 cents.

  3. You have certainly educated me. Great stamps frpm Australia.

  4. My favourite is the 5 cents, a lovely set!

  5. I like the preschool education stamp!

  6. this is an interesting series.
    the advanced education is a little beyond me....!

  7. you have quite a collection and it all look wonderful!

    My Sunday Stamp#51: Abstract

  8. What an interesting set which certainly lends itself to the theme. The pre school one looks fun and I can imagine that paper clip making its way in the post inside and outside the envelope.


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