Tuesday, 11 June 2013

World Stamp Expo Fun Times!


So this blogging game has gotten away from me recently, and as a result there is a bit of catching up to do. About a month ago I was very excited to attend the World Stamp Expo, which was being held in my hometown of Melbourne. The WORLD STAMP EXPO!

The Expo was held at the Royal Exhibition Building, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage listed building located in the Carlton Gardens. I dragged my dutiful boyfriend along, who patiently accompanied through the myriad stalls from various postal authorities from around the globe. I also dragged my friend Grant along - but he chose to lie in the sun for a couple of hours in the Gardens instead. Each to their own (but you missed out on some fun, Grant!).

As you could well imagine, I made a few purchases over the course of the day. My little bag was full (and my bank account empty) by the end of it. I got a souvenir minisheet to add to my royal kitsch collection, embossed with the Expo logo on it.  And I just couldn't help myself, also adding to my royal collection I got a Wills and Kate FDC.

Moving away from my tacky fascination with royals, I also indulged my love of maps, and found this amazingly beautiful minisheet from Greenland. What a find!

I also visited Deutsche Post, and purchased this lovely minisheet as it features both a map element and the Antarctic, and I love the Antarctic. The combinations of boats and ice always make for beautiful images. Would you agree?

I also found these awesome Indonesian stamps, which I saw when I visited there last year, but resisted buying at the time due to budgetary constraints.

The stamps depict traditional fabric designs from around Indonesia. They are quite lovely, in my opinion.

Anyhow that is a sample of my many purchases from the World Stamp Expo 2013.  It was a very fun day out for a big stamp nerd like me.

And now this stamp nerd is signing off for the time being. I am about to head to Turkey for six and a half weeks! I am very excited and will be working on a Roman archaeological site on the south coast. It is an absolute dream come true and I can't wait to be archaeologising on the other side of the world. So I will try and post to this blog (probably fairly irregularly) over the coming few weeks, but the posts will be archaeologic rather than philatelic in nature. But watch this space!


  1. Helen, formidable!! The expo seems to have been very cool and place a grandiose monument. Beautiful stamps! Work on Roman archaeological site in Turkey!! Wow!! Congratulations! I wish you success in this endeavor which to a layman like me seems to be very exciting. During his stay in Turkey your address remains the same in Australia?

    1. Hi Joao! I sent you a little something from the Stamp Expo in with a few other things I collected for you - hopefully it turns up soon.
      And yes, my address will remain the same for the time being. I will be moving in September though - but I'll let you know :)
      Cheers, Helen

    2. Thank you for thinking of me in the Expo.
      September ... there is still time for you receive another letter in Australia. I am preparing a new collection for you. Greetings!

  2. I bet there are some amazingly beautiful stamps in Turkey. I hope you find them as well as a mind-blowing Roman treasure at the dig. Hope the 'dig' is fun and not all just hard work.

  3. It's nice to see you back - I miss your blogs. Have a great time in Turkey. Please be careful as there is a little upset there at the moment. I look forward to hearing all about you adventures.

    1. Oh, Sandra... you're too kind. I do hope to get right back into blogging soon. Life has been a good kind of chaos lately!
      As for Turkey, I am not going to be near the riots - I am down the south in a fairly small village, so things should be all cool. Hope that you are still loving London town, and that everything is going well for you!

  4. I'm super jealous of you, off to dig in Turkey! I can't wait to hear about the exciting things you will be getting to do. Plus awesome stratigraphy and features - my mouth is watering. Stay safe and have a blast lovely.
    Johanna xxx


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