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Hello Cyber-space,
Welcome to "I heart post" ver 2.0 - new and improved!

At the start of the new year, I feel it is a good time to refresh the look and feel of my little blog.

I am Helen, the authoress of this blog, and I am very pleased to meet you. Please comment and introduce yourselves, or write me an email, or better yet, send me a postcard. I love getting to know my readers. It has been one of the best things about this blogging adventure.

I started this blog back in February 2012, as a little experiment to get my creative juices flowing. The decision to start a blog came before the decision to make it about stamps. But with a little thought, I realised that 'post' manages to encapsulate all of my interests.

An exploration of the world through post leads into all sorts of topics -
  • the history that is being commemorated on any particular stamp; 
  • the way the stamp managed to come into my possession, be it though travel, from a friend, or randomly; 
  • the reasons for collecting in the first place;
  • the joy of postcards/ aerogrammes/ first day covers;
  • design of stamps through the decades.
In addition, other more general things that sometimes wind up on this here blog include:

  • my adventures in new and exciting places- both close to home and abroad;
  • my love of maps (especially cartography on stamps!);
  • excerpts/collages from 1970s editions of National Geographic;
  • titbits about history & archaeology.
The look and feel of "I heart post" ver 1.0
I also have a bit of a ridiculous love of archives,  so if you are interested in reading my version 1.0 of my now archived "About Post" from April 2012 click here and you can make your own judgements of whether I have managed to evolve or not! Or better yet, you can check out the first ever edition of "I heart post" and see how it all began!

Thank-you so much for stopping by I heart post and for letting me share my collection with you. I hope you have enjoyed what you have found here. I have certainly enjoyed putting this blog together.

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