Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Back in the USSR

Check out these treasures from the USSR I found amongst the stamps in the little album I bought home from Indonesia recently. I didn't mean to acquire Russian stamps as souvenirs from my trip to Indonesia, but there you go. It just happened.

But aren't they just lovely? Isn't the typography wonderful? Don't the colours make your heart sing?

I went to Russia back in 2006. It was amazing. I didn't buy any post though. Don't know what I was thinking. I did, however, take great delight when signing my postcards with "From Russia With Love"! So not all was lost on the postal front. But now I have my very own soviet birds from 1962 within my collection. I don't think I could have found nicer stamps if I had tried!


  1. Replies
    1. :) he he... excellent, Sandra. My work here is done!

  2. Hurrah flamingo a stamp! And happy James Bond's 50th birthday day to you.

    1. I definitely thought of you when I came across this one, sb.
      50 years of the one and only Mr Bond, hey? Still as awesome as he was in the 60s. xx


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