Sunday, 14 October 2012

Swedish treats: Forstadagsbrev Part 2

Earlier this week on my blog I was sharing some Swedish First Day Covers that my parents recently brought back as souvenirs for me.  As I was going through the process of putting them up, I realised that a couple of them were perfect for this week's Sunday Stamps, which is all about folk costumes and traditions. So for that reason I held off sharing them all at once, and now bring you Forstadagsbrev Part II.

This first cover features Swedish national costumes and quite a wonderful postmark. The little brochure inside the envelope explains that "all over the country costumes with local characteristics were worn by the farmers and peasants until the middle of the 19th century".  Apparently the apparel would always signal a woman's marital status, through the type of hair style or head dress worn.
Brooches were another important element of the costume, and therefore feature separately on two of the stamps. The 90 kroner stamp features a brooch from the province of Jamtland and the 1.30 kroner stamp comes from Smaland.

The second cover I want to share features Swedish folk art, and I think you will agree it is pretty beautiful. Again the postmark is worth noting, featuring an Adam and Eve motif.

But, that is not to overshadow the stamps themselves, of course:

The art is described as "Peasant Painting" and according to the brochure in the FDC, the style emerged in the mid-18th century and its heyday lasted for about a century.

That's it from me this Sunday, folks. I hope you have enjoyed this addition of Sunday Stamps... it is the first time in a little while I have managed to escape the confines of my own Australia-biased collection. I hope that spices things up a bit!

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(And if you are extra keen to find out more about national costumes, you might be interested in this post from the very early days of my blog, when I looked at Mongolian traditional dress.)


  1. These stamps are lovely - I don't know which one I like best. And the Postmarks!!! Such detail. thank you for sharing.

  2. Nice group of stamps and covers. I especially like the peasant painting with four figures.

  3. Those are beautiful, especially the folk art stamps.

  4. Lucky you! These are stunning.

  5. Those are all very colorful stamps,so pleasing to the eyes and fun to look at!
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  6. These are beautiful. I have a lot of Swedish stamps but none of these. Tremendous.

  7. so great to see such beautiful swedish stamps, most i have are not as gorgeous

  8. They are pretty covers, good old mum and dad. I seem to remember seeing something about the interiors of houses being painted with folk art in Sweden. Your Mongolian post was fascinating, what a great trip that must have been.

  9. Brilliant as always. I makes me yearn for the past.


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