Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Hello 2013!

Hello lovely readers and hello 2013!
Here we are at the beginning of a new year, and I can smell the fresh start.

And with the fresh start of the new calendar year comes a whole new look and feel to "I heart post." What do you think? I hope you like it! I have spent quite a while working on it to get to this stage, so I am very happy to launch the look with my first post of 2013.

I did a little course in CSS conducted by the clever Katrina at Pugly Pixel to work out how to refresh my look. Roll-over my widgets! Roll-over my widgets! Look how they change colour! I am pretty excited by that! So thank-you Katrina for teaching me such fancy tricks.

With the goal of revamping "I heat post" achieved (for the time being - it is undoubtedly a work-in-progress), and with the start of the new year, it is also time to think about new goals. So I have set a goal for myself. A serious goal.

And the goal is this (and people who know me well may snigger, as I never ever ever ever thought this phrase would come out of my mouth/keyboard):

♥ I want to do a 10km fun run this year!!*

Fun run - an oxymoron, I know!! But I have already signed up to do two 4km races and an 8km race in February/March - so I better get serious about achieving this goal, or it might be embarrassing. And now that I have put this goal out there on the world wide web, there is no escaping.

I also have a standard goal which I have re-hashed at the start of the past few years, and that is:
            read more books.
I read embarrassingly little last year, so this one shouldn't be hard to achieve.

And rounding out my list of goals, I would also like to:
            fix up my garden,
            ♥ make a meal from an actual recipe.

Okay, so I just made those last two up. Fixing up the garden has been on my to-do list for two months now, so maybe making it an official new years goal will actually see it happen. And just because I like to round things out, to get to goal number five, I used the 'New Year's Resolution Generator' and the result was:

I quite like that! This year I will aim to be more curious! I have no idea how I will measure that.

So thanks for spending time with "I heart post" once again. Please let me know what you think of the blog re-design** or if you have any tips on how I could be more curious. And please share your own goals for 2013 with me too - it will make me feel like less of a crazy-woman for wanting to do a 10km run!

Until next time, peeps,


*And PS, I learnt how to do in-text hearts during my little CSS course, so watch out, they are going to be everywhere on this site, because I am a more than a little excited about them. I ♥ hearts.

**And PPS, I also made a new "About" page - check it out!


  1. Helen! Great blog redesign, it's very clean and chic! Love it. Great job with the widgets as well (doesn't that sound like it should be a dirty word? "I like your widgets" *insert creepy eyebrow raise here*), look at all the awesome colour changing!

    Fun run. Nope, nope, those are two words that don't belong together. However, I wish you every luck with your "fun" run; I'll be providing complete moral support from the sidelines. :)

    More curious... it strikes me that a person who is trying to be more curious should try to train a dingo as their sidekick. Just a suggestion. ;)

    1. Hmm.... a dingo, hey? My housemate has a fat black and white house cat named Gypsy... can I pass her off as my sidekick instead? She has attitude that is a bit more in keeping with my style - less hardcore than a dingo, more about the napping. But maybe napping is counter-productive on the curiosity scale. Damn! I love napping. Okay. I'll work on it.

      And PS - I am really glad that you like my widgets (*wink*)! Thanks! :)

  2. Good afternoon Helen,

    Really like the new layout and blog format. Keep it up.


  3. Hello Helen.
    Love your introductory "hello" photo at the start and the bright, breezy tone of your blog, but I think I prefer the dark background of your previous format as i think this might show off the actual stamps better.
    Otherwise, I look forward to your interesting and informative blogs in the year ahead.
    Love,( wish i knew how to insert a heart here),
    Mum. xx

    1. HI Mum,
      I am glad you like the blog on the whole - if you like the images on the black, just click on them and it will enlarge them and show them against a black background :) xx ♥

  4. Hello Helen,
    The new look was great! Very clean.
    Marathon is something exciting. I wish success and that you continue firmly in goal. Greetings,


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